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What's a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer is a full-on dedicated individual that creates a visually appealing design for distribution (web, print, etc.) using computer design programs, or occasionally by hand. All of the products and services that you choose to pay for needed someone to produce visual marketing material at some point. They are the creative minds behind everything from the label design on your soda can to the commercial you're watching right now to the billboard advertising your insurance company. Every example of those forms of advertising is carried out by a graphic designer.


When you're out and about and you see a "Golden 'M'", what's the first thing you associate it with? McDonald's, right? Well, without a knowledgable dedicated graphic designer hired on, you most likely wouldn't know to joys of eating a Big Mac, because you wouldn't recognize the brand.

What is Brand Recognition?

Brand recognition is exactly what it sounds like: the ability of a consumer to recognize one brand over other brands. In other words, it's the ability of consumers to identify your product by its attributes and design elements. Design elements include such things as shape, colour, illustrations, and graphics.


If brand recognition is done correctly, your product should be recognized even without using its name. The goal is to get potential customers to recognize the product instantly without requiring much effort.


As a little step-away from graphic design, brand recognition is also treating your clients with respect. This is so you're always recognized as the brand that's always respectful of their clients.

Fun Fact For You:

It's been said with the way technology is going, as more businesses start popping up, the demand for graphic designers will increase by roughly 10%, if not more.

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